Charlie Lawton has been in love with film as long as he can remember. Even from a young age when he realized the Batman movies had different directors that caused various styles in the films. He moved out of the small town of Pontypool to the big city of Toronto to pursue his love of film and has been involved within the Toronto film scene ever since. He is a founding member of Interiority Entertainment, and has worked on numerous short films as Writer, Director, Producer, Camera Assistant, and various other jobs. Charlie has since directed two feature films, Deadline and Kung Fu Cops, both currently in post production. He also was a founding member of the Toronto Underground Cinema which worked with countless film festivals, events, and Toronto promoters gaining strong ties within the entertainment scene from those endeavours. He’s a founding member and host for Toronto Unconventional, a fan run event for the Red vs. Blue/Rooster Teeth community.   He is currently extremely proud and excited to be working as Producer on “No Boys Allowed”, written and directed by Ashley McColeman and cannot wait to freak out audiences with this horror film. He’s always looking for a new and excited job to throw himself into, and loves a new challenge.

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